Comcept 29 – Victory

Monday, March 19th, 2018

Comcept 29 – Victory

I started this one 2 years ago and just wanted to have some fun. Haven’t touched it again until today. Time to release it into the wild! I did not have any specific story in mind for this one. Just some battlecruisers on their way home… celebrating victory over some unfortunate enemy. Pretty basic stuff. =) So yeah, pretty much a just for fun piece – trying myself on a square picture format.

Technically it’s business as usual with a Vue rendered plate to work with in Photoshop. I was playing around with filters to give it a more painterly look. In the end I decided to tone down the filters and highlight the depth of field effect a little more.

5000×5000 – Vue – World Machine – Photoshop – Lightroom

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Things To Come

Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

Endeavours – Things To Come

“Finally being where I belong, I cannot wait to discover what this new world has to offer!”

Here we go with the final piece of part two in my Endeavours series. I don’t have too much to say about this one except that I wanted a final scene that shows our small family finally united again. Along with a (maybe a little too obvious) hint of where the journey might go next. I have some ideas. Although I’m not sure how and when I’ll tackle those. As usual there are parts in the scene I’m more happy with than with other parts. But that’s just how it goes I guess. =)

I did use the base scene I used in the previous three parts of the series and changed the camera angle and lighting a bit. There might be elements that are a little adjusted and changed but I tried to keep it minimal to not ruin the continuity. In Photoshop I played around with a more stylized/dreamy look and found it works nice to conclude part two of the series.

Overall I’m happy with how part two turned out and it gave me two or three pictures I really like. With this picture concluding my year 2017, I hope you enjoyed the ride so far too!

To be continued…

5000×3333 – Vue – C4D – Photoshop – Lightroom








ENDEAVOURS Part Thirteen

ENDEAVOURS Part Fourteen

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The Cities Of Linestra – Part I

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

The Cities Of Linestra Part I

I have neglected my Comcept series for quite some time now. I started this series to play around with some things and create quick pictures to try out some things. It brought out some cool results every now and then. So here we have three Scifi cityscapes that are located on a Planet called Linestra. It’s one of the techologically most advanced places in its known universe. Well, I enjoy creating futuristic canyons of city and had some fun here. Smashed some scenes together in Vue to render out some plates to work from and refine in Photoshop. I wanted it all done very quickly and the rough look of the pics is absolutely intended. Playing around with styles.

A wallpaper pack with 1920×1200 & 1680×1050 versions of each pic can be found here.



The Moebius Passage

Sunday, July 8th, 2012


This is a picture I started a long time ago. It started as a little experiment and turned into something bigger than I intended. I also wanted to use this picture for a little training exercise, working in that format/aspect ratio. I haven’t done so in quite a while. I must admit that I did myself hard finding a good enough composition. First when I played around with tilted camera views I found a suitable setup. That made the pic come to life for me. Added quite a nice and dynamic feel.

Technically it’s less a digital matte painting approach than a digital painting style. I did not want to strangle myself with trying to go as photoreal as possible. I just wanted to play with this one. Again the layout of the scene was done with Vue. In Photoshop I reworked quite some parts and added textures here and there. The overpainting was fun to do. Additional renders helped to implement more ships and the foreground elements. I really enjoy the view here but I doubt it is something for people with fear of heights.

When I was in the last stages of the creative process I heard that the fabulous Jean Giraud aka Moebius passed away. I admit that I don’t know too much about the person, but I can clearly see how his art influenced tons of Scifi movies. And me… well I’m influenced by these movies. That’s for sure. So I did not have a title for the pic and decided to dedicate this one to Jean Giraud. His art will definitely live on and keep the memory alive.

5000×3333 – 300dpi – Vue – Photoshop

The artwork on:

Wallpaper Pack contains two wallpaper versions in 1920×1200 and 1680×1050.

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EvE Online: Create A Starship Contest Winner

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

EvE Online: Create A Starship Contest

I’m proud to say that i’m, unexpectedly, one of the winners of the contest. I always was a big fan of the look and design of EvE Online. For years i wanted to try it out and last year i did it. I did not regret it. Even if i learned that it can eat your life away. That’s why i’m currently taking a break from it. So much to see there… so much to do and sooooo much to learn there. It’s a lot of fun. Now when i created my ship design i haven’t played a lot of the game. Only a few tiny glimpses of how big it really is. So i did not have a real feel for the different races and designs yet. Nonetheless i wanted to try myself on it. And so i did. I must admit though that i did not expect AT ALL to win anything… seeing all these great submissions that were posted to the contest. When the confirmation mail came in i almost deleted it, thinking it was spam. Luckily i took a closer look.

Myriad Industrial Carrier Design

With my entry (above) the following designs managed to win:

Alexey M (Winner of the Grand Prize) – Mentor Battlecruiser

Eric A – Oblivion Battlecruiser

Shawn N – Amarr Command Ship Battlecruiser

Eric A – Serval Battlecruiser

Beside my congratulations to the other winning designers i want to mention the 40 designs that made it into the final round of voting. I urge you to check them out if you’re a Scifi fan. All of them look really really cool! Find them HERE.

Technically i created the basic ship design and shape with help of ZBrush. Still a lot to learn there. In Photoshop i added texture and details to the hull. When it comes to EvE specific design then i would say it’s a Caldari or Gallente ship. The background of the pic is one of my Vue scenes. I haven’t released that pic yet. It’s collecting dust here somewhere on my HD.



Strange News (From Another Planet)

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011


Project name for this one was ‘assimilated’ until i found a title i had to use for this one. Now imagine mankind will make it some day… and meet other lifeforms (in peace!). How would a technological mix would visually break down the look of a city, that shares human as well as alien technology in its architecture? Of course this is all speculative and imaginary. The title i used is actually a 16min song that followed me through the making of this picture. “…And you will know us by the trail of dead” – Album: Tao Of The Dead. Awesome piece of music. My recommendation.

Now this one is a perfect example of a painter who has no idea what he’s doing. He’s letting guide himself from what the pic tells him. Excited like a little kid playing hide and seek. Well i basically just sat down and played with brushes and Photoshop. This time i used a plate i shot a few years ago in Berlin. I always knew this material could be useful someday. Now i finally found use for it. I’m pretty surprised what came off of it. Since pretty much nothing of the actual plate is left. Looking back at what i did so far, this pic surely has a unique approach and feel to it.

I think i got a little inspired by the style of concept guys like Sparth or Syd Mead. Everything Photoshop this time. No Vue or 3d elements in here. Well… not exactly. I created some brushes off of some of my scifi Vue buildings. That worked not bad here. The basic pic was done after 2 or 3 days. A lot of time went into (pretty much unnecessary) fine tuning. I had the time and used it to polish certain areas a little more than others. Just for fun.

I personally would say it’s one of my best pics. Really enjoyed making it. Hope you enjoy the view too!

Photoshop – 5000px wide – 1 week

Print Detail (Large File)

Progress/Plate (Large File)

Wallpapers: 1920×1200 – 1680×1050

wallpapers available



New Horizon

Saturday, March 20th, 2010

New Horizon

The guys from needed an illustration for their game. Basically an illustration of an important place within the game. I quickly had a concept in mind and followed it to the final picture. It was fun to do this one and i’m sure there are tons of nice places to explore in the game.



Monday, January 18th, 2010


How could a city look like in 500 years from now?

This one resulted from a commission that did not work out as expected. I didn’t want to scrap the picture i did and wanted to use it for a personal project. I decided to create a panorama from it. Which wasn’t an easy task since the original format was portrait, intended for a book.

Technically i took the vue base file and heavily extended it to the left. The Vue file had a few hundred mb in the end. I also did tons of testrenders for it. Even full size and full quality. So there are surely 40hrs work in the setup of the scene alone. 8hrs actual work and the rest render time. 8000px wide can take a while to finish.

Then, of course, i took it into Photoshop. It was never an intention to work photorealistic. So what i did was to get me textures and slam them across the picture. That’s the fun part. the work part was it then to manipulate and adjust these textures to make them fit. Vue’s multipass rendering also allowed me to add new elements to the pic. Even if i already was completely in the Photoshopping stage. Quite some elements on the left side of the pic got added rather late in the making process. Again a lot of work that i had to do because i wasn’t entirely happy with certain parts. And there goes the time.

8700px wide – Photoshop – Vue – intuos3

That said… i hope you guys enjoy the Wallpaper Pack. 5 different versions of the scene in 1680×1050. Have fun with it!


wallpapers available

windows 7 themepack
Windows 7 ‘2510’ Theme Pack -> Here – Just download and doubleclick to install – if you have any additional questions… just let me know! It’s the first time i try this.

All pictures in this Theme Pack are copyrighted by and may not used or reproduced without permission. Thank you very much.


Walk In Dreams

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010 newsIn the the past months i did a few concepts for a shortmovie script of a colleague. He wants to use these pics to promote his idea. The script is indeed very good and offers quite some eyecatchers. I got contacted to visualize some of the environments. Technically i can say that i did me a base Vue render i manipulated in Photoshop to get me the right results. Pretty much the technique i’m using on almost every project these days. It was a nice break from the sci-fi’ish things i had created simultaneously for other projects. Now i hope i was able to visually capture some of the ideas from the script. Ultimately i think they work pretty good. Feel free to click on the pics for a larger version.







Concept Art Update #4

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

concept art

And again it’s been a while with concept art gallery additions. This time i added 7 new pics. Ships, stations, scenes and speeders. I’m also thinking about redoing this gallery. It looks a bit clunky right now. On the other hand i don’t have too much time recently. We’ll see! :) For now i hope you can find some more inspiration in that gallery.