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OR use my private print service where pretty much every piece is available. Here I have full control about everything from quality assurance to the shipping. So… best possible service and quality!

Because of the fact that I produce the pictures with the help of a professional photolaboratory/studio, the delivery time can take up to 2 weeks (for german customers) and up to 3 weeks for delivery into other EUROPEAN countries. The advantage is that you will receive the print in best possible quality, checked and signed by me personally, packed stable and comfortably for shipping.


50x75cm (ca 20x30inch) HQ glossy or matte photopaper 65eur

40x80cm (ca 15×31.5inch) HQ glossy or matte photopaper 60eur

45x30cm (ca 18x12inch) HQ glossy or matte photopaper 50eur

30x20cm (ca 12x8inch) HQ glossy or matte photopaper 40eur

13x18cm (ca 5x7inch) HQ glossy or matte photopaper 30eur

10x15cm (ca 4x6inch) HQ glossy or matte photopaper 20eur

All prices include shipping!


Special Paper-Protection Layer against UV light or scratches + 5eur

Shipping to countries outside the EU + 15eur

Rights of revocation underlie german rights.


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