Aurora – Exhibit V – Green

Project Aurora - Exhibit V

The Luminarium & The Cosmosys Collective and others joined forces to invite you to a trip and boost your imagination and inspiration! Members of the various artgroups sat down and decided to do a crossover artgroup… which by now should be seen as a fully formed standalone group. Represented is art created with all kinds of techniques within all kinds of fields. Again a ‘healthy variety’… how I would call it. We also got some new members which is even cooler! I’m included with three pieces. The exhibit has the extension GREEN. At first I was worried that Green isn’t exactly my colour. I soon found out that it wasn’t a big deal at all. So the artworks have a main overall colour theme going on. Still, overall the exhibit can be considered freestyle. We’ve got some great results and so I want to thank everyone involved and especially the people who did the organisational stuff in the background!

Go check it out and sharing is caring!

Project Aurora Project Aurora Website
The Exhibit on Behance


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