Callsign: Firefly

Callsign: Firefly

As soon as she entered pilot training school, she was “The Firefly”. Thanks to her skills and relentless will to become the best, that name soon became highly respected among the best pilots in the fleet.

Yep, this one is a pure just for fun piece. A try in doing something ‘portray’ like. I also wanted to dig myself a little deeper into DAZ Studio and its Iray renderer. It delivers pretty neat results and I wanted to know how it works properly with materials and lighting. I didn’t just use a stock figure and tried to create a character myself. Along with modified textures for the character and props. Did have my fun with it and I quite like the result. I guess especially because of the unusual framing of the picture too.

I did use Photoshop for final touch ups. No way around it. Removed some clipping issues and refined the lighting and colours.

6000×2144 – DAZ Studio – Photoshop – Lightroom

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