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Sunday, July 8th, 2007

was looking through my photo collection and found this one. don’t know where or when i took this one… but i like it.


Tuesday, April 10th, 2007

I guess here we have a new series going on. An approach to a more abstract photography.


Sunday, March 25th, 2007

And another one for the captured beauty series.

Captured Beauty Series

Sunday, February 25th, 2007

A collection of the first 30 captured beauty photography pieces. All on one big poster! Gives a fantastic print!


Thursday, January 11th, 2007


It took me a while to find a title for this one. I remembered the belgariad books by david eddings and searched my mind for a place that would fit for my painting. I studied the maps that are in the books and found the ‘arend’. The arend divides the lands of arendia and tolnedra. The arend flows through woody areas, which really fits to my painting, and ends in the lands where once was the mighty/legendary battle of vo mimbre. Where the people of the west fought and won against the large army lead by the evil god torak. The evil god got wounded and did fell into a sleep… until the child of light comes to challenge him. To decide all things that are and will be… for ever.

So much for a little insight into the story of the belgariad saga.


I started this one as a futuristic concept actually… like… 3 months ago. Not really a big time project back then. Just something to train some basics. Over the time i got a pretty solid scifi setup that was looking promising. I wasn’t too happy with it and asked some close friends what to do. One of my ideas was to go for a nature only scene. Haven’t done that in a while. When i got that done and i looked at the pic… it was empty somehow. A close friend told me to try it with some sort of fortress or castle… waterfalls… all the full blown fantasy package. I did so. The result looks ok i guess. Surely 150 layers. Again some kind of digital matte painting thing. I was not going for a super realistic look. I just wanted to visualize an atmosphere… a feeling…

Print Detail: [link]

Different Work Stages: [link]

30hrs – intuos3 – photoshop – 4300px wide – 300dpi

The artwork on:


Thursday, December 21st, 2006

Just another shot for my captured beauty series. I don’t know… i love these kind of photos. Especially in this one everything comes together.


Friday, December 1st, 2006


I’m waiting more than 10 years now, for that special day. Today i’ll make my first flight on a space cruiser. My dad told me the ‘lost hope’ once was a mighty battleship, diving through space nebulas, transforming enemy ships into spacedust. Named after mankinds biggest space battle. The fleet got almost completely vanquished back then. Only a very tricky maneuver by a very smart battleship captain made us win that bloody and dark fight. He got honored with the position as captain for the ‘lost hope’. Back then this ship was the beauty of the fleet. The most modern ship ever built. I can’t wait to set my feet onto that proud ship…


This time i can’t say a lot. I actually started this one with the intention to create a speedpainting. But it evolved and i did not manage to leave my hands off of it. I quite like the result here. I maintained a concept arty like look to catch the dirty atmosphere of a futuristic space port a bit more. Basically digital painting with some photos used to bring in detail where it was needed.

30hrs – intuos3 – photoshop – 5000px wide – 300dpi


Thursday, November 23rd, 2006

Heimat des Lichts = Home of Light. The original title is from a system in X3 – a pc game space game. I found that title very unique and fitting to that photo and i must say that there would not be a better title for that picture.

A similar technique was used here: photo – ride the tide [link]


Wednesday, October 25th, 2006


This one was actually intended to be a fantasy novel book cover. So i was going for a portrait setup… instead of a cinemascope one. Though i prefer the cinemascope crop. Whatever. There’s actually no big story behind that pic. I started to work with some of my new mountain stocks which i got from a trip into the alps recently. Stitched together some photo elements and extended them with paintings. With lots of scifi stuff from me in the past… this pic should be a nice addition to my gallery. Since it’s more fantasy based.


I guess you could call this thing a digital matte painting. I wouldn’t do so. It’s a strange mixture of pure painting and pure matte painting. Well i, at least, can tell that i worked a lot with matte painting techniques. The top of the mountain is a complete extension. The path in front is 80% painted. I did not work too much into detail on that path in front since too much detail would have stolen the show the background actually gives you. Again i tried lot of new things and i think i got a acceptable result.

creation visualization: [link]

print detail preview: [link]

30hrs – intuos3 – photoshop – 5500px high – 300dpi – project folder: 1.8gb – psd: 460mb


Thursday, October 5th, 2006


Actually a quickie i did a few weeks ago. I felt like creating a similar pic to my first chase painting. This time a different style and environment. Main focus in this project was composition and a try to create a sense for speed. Since the cam here is following these flyers. Maybe this ‘chase’ thing will become a series…


I played with lots of elements to learn something more about composition. I removed most of these elements since they kind of disturbed the flow of the pic. Which means most of my tries, to create a ticky compo, were not too successful. Yes you’re absolutely right. The quality of that painting is not the best. I wanted to go for a dirty concept arty like look in this one. So don’t look for flaws in that painting… just let your eye and brain complete the loose parts.

10hrs – intuos3 – 3000px wide – 290mb psd