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Happy New Year 2019

Monday, December 31st, 2018

Best Nine 2018

With Christmas 2018 behind us, some cool presents and a good time with loved ones… it’s 2019 knocking on our doors. For me it was a crazy year with lots of things going on. I have learned a lot and will certainly continue to do so! So without further ado I hope you have had a great 2018 and a successful, healthy and happy upcoming 2019 in front of us! And don’t forget that November is Blade Runner month! And we should all be thankful for our world not yet looking like the world depicted in the film! =)

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XFrog & Vue Ecosystems

Friday, June 22nd, 2018

XFrog & Vue Ecosystems Video

Stewart McSherry (founder of XFrog) asked me to do a short video about the Ecosystem materials that are offered by XFrog and how easy they make it to create a forest with a lot of variation and a very natural and real looking appearance. So I sat down and recored this video to explain the process a tiny bit. I wanted to keep it short and didn’t go into super crazy detail but it’s deep enough to convey how it all works. It also shows how easy the XFrog material make it to create a rather natural looking forest.

E-On Software – Website
XFrog Website


A New Threat – Making Of On Behance

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

A New Threat - Project Compendium On Behance

Every once in a while I decide to sit down and write a little more about selected pieces I did. Mainly for me to keep the memory alive. Behance is a great platform for doing this. My latest addition is an article about my A New Threat picture. Normally the posts on my website are rather thorough but there is always a little more to show or talk about. So feel free to check out this post.

A New Threat – Project Compendium On Behance & My Gallery On Behance


MOSF – Escape Velocity

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016

MOSF - Escape Velocity

I’m very proud to have the opportunity to announce that my work will displayed at the Museum Of Science Fiction’s “Escape Velocity” event, July 1st to 3rd, in Washington DC. It will be displayed via LCD screen wall in extra large size. I personally will not have the chance to be there but I’m sure it looks pretty awesome in a size like this. =D However… they managed to have a neat event with many (more famous than me) guests there. So if you’re in the area and you happen to be a scifi fan… it may be worth checking out!

MOSF – Escape Velocity – July 1st to 3rd – Check Here For Info


3D Art Direct – Live Webinar

Saturday, January 23rd, 2016

3d art direct - Live webinar

Here we go! On Jan. 30th I’m invited to talk a bit about the creative process behind one of my personal favourites. Looking back at making “From Here I Can Almost See The Stars”, it probably belongs into my personal category of ‪benchmark‬ projects. A project where I wanted to push myself as well as the hardware I had back then. I finished this picture early 2012 and learned a lot with it. Diving back into the world of this piece is like ‪#‎timetravel‬ for me. And the cool thing I discovered is… not much has changed! I’m still using the same techniques. With slight variations here and there of course. grin emoticon

In this ‪‎webinar‬ we will take a look into ‪Vue‬ and how the scene is set up. We will also risk a look at how the scene was rendered. Let me just say that it took multiple runs before I had all material I needed. Last but not least we risk a look into the ‪Photoshop‬ process of how it all was put together.
Lots of stuff to talk about and questions are more than welcome!

Follow this link to sign up for the event.

Get 15% off by using the promocode: makingof15

Hope to see your there!


Scifi & Fantasy Calendar 2016

Monday, November 2nd, 2015

Tigaer-Design Calendar 2016

Alrighty. Here we go. The calendar for YOUR amazing 2016 is now available in my deviantart store. Had a hard time picking the artworks for this one since they all work well for a calendar page. A nice look back at the pieces I did this year. Among a few older ‘personal favs/classics’ we have quite a number of new pieces in this calendar this time. For the calendar design I used Vue to create a neat looking cover image and plates for the month pages. Had some fun with it and hope it turned out eyecatching enough. :) Due to the format I had to cut off small parts of the images but tried to keep the main elements in frame as good as possible. I’m fairly happy with how it turned out this year.

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Walkthrough & Deconstruction of Valis Licentia

Monday, September 14th, 2015

Here we have a video where I try to explain the creative process behind one of my pictures. This is also my first try in creating a video like this. So it’s a little rough around the edges. If you make it through the entire thing and don’t get bored by my rather boring voice… bravo! I sincerly salute you. :D But seriously, I hope you will find the material interesting and manage to pick up something that will eventually help you with your own projects.

On YOUTUBE – Click here for 1080p



Making Of GalCiv3 Art

Tuesday, July 21st, 2015 news

Here we go with a lengthy article I wrote about how I approached creating the seven artworks I did for Galactic Civiziations 3. It’s includes concepts, render plates, render passes and insight into the techniques I used. Hope it inspires and may even teach you some things! Feel free to check it out here on Behance.


The Eternals – Making Of On Behance

Friday, June 26th, 2015

The Eternals - Project Compendium On Behance

Here we go with some time I invested to write a little bit about the creative process behind my “The Eternals” artwork. It includes a lot of testrenders, how the project progressed and descriptions about the overall process. I also included a couple of testrenders that show a different perspective on the scene. Good Stuff!

The Eternals – Project Compendium On Behance & My Gallery On Behance


2014 Sounds So Scifi!

Monday, January 6th, 2014 news

Here we go into a new year. Hope everyone had some good days with friends, family or both! This time it’s 2014. Me being born in 1982 the number 2014 sounds so Scifi that it’s hard to believe we live in that year now. Now let’s see if there are some more cool pictures coming along this year. Of course there will be wallpapers which, I hope, will get a chance to grace your computer desktops! Until then… have a nice and successful year!