Claim New Worlds II

Claim New Worlds II

Haven’t tackled a more complex scene in a while. This one turned out to be one. Could it be one of my benchmark projects like Gates To Elysium or the Claim New Worlds 1? I guess so. Tested some technical limits and revisited ideas I had in the last 2 years. When the environment was done I knew I needed some ships landing there. Explorers. I always wanted to incorporate vehicles created by more talented (at least in that department) people. My vehicles are mostly kitbashed without thinking about deeper design elements. Good that I know a few people! First I contacted Christian Grajewski. Following him on Facebook over the years exposed me to some of his vehicle designs and I always very much liked what I saw. He was my first choice. I asked him and he agreed that I could use his Sandpiper Ship/Glider design. He provided me with the model and textures I placed the ships in the scene. That made the scene’s composition balance fall apart a little. After some input I got from him and others I had to rearrange some elements of the scene for better readability. Time well spent. Ultimately we’re both happy how the scene turned out and hope you do like it too!

Find Project Aurora Here.

7250×3919 – Vue – Xenodream – Photoshop – Lightroom

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