This is my benchmark painting for 2009. Much like my pervious big ones like ‘Artificial‘ or ‘Epica‘ this painting marks something special for me personally and in a technical way. I also used it to check out how much my, currently, new machine can take. I used Vue to render the basic 3d plate. I also rendered each part on a standalone pass. So the ground complex was done within a single Vue file, as well as the ring part. The small ships and the clouds were also rendered with single takes. That gives you the most freedom in the postwork. The hero render with the ground stuctures, landscape took about 28hrs to finish. A first try to render it failed after 8hrs with a corrupt Vue file when I tried to resume the render later. That was fun. All the other elements got rendered in a much shorter time. I also used quite some quality settings for the hero render.

I used Dystopia City Blocks to create the structures and techy elements. Before I could use them I had to split the original files apart with c4d to pick me the most interesting models off the pack. Required quite some time. In Vue then I used the models to create the structures. It’s much like the modellers who worked on the first starwars movies who did use old battleship modelkits to create their spaceships. I’m doing the same with these 3d models of the buildings. Take something that’s already there to create something new. Did that with my ‘Epica’ painting too but I was not as deep into 3d as I am now. Not saying that I’m a 3d specialist… by – no – means! =)

Inspiration could be, once again, Mass Effect. I think the lighting, colors and style goes the same direction the game does. It’s also my wish to have a chance to see such things with my own eyes. That would be quite a sight I guess. Of course the usual suspects like the Coruscant cityplanet from starwars and other sci-fi movies and books.

Really hope you like what you see.

Intuos3 – Photoshop cs4 – Vue7 – 7hrs Preparation & Concept Phase – 40hrs Rendertime – 20hrs Postwork

Wallpaper Pack contains: 1920×1200 Concept Wallpaper – 1680×1050 & 1280×1024 GTE Wallpaper – Print Details

Print Detail
Progress Viz
Wireframe Bows
Wireframe Ring

wallpapers available

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14 Responses to “GATES TO ELYSIUM”

  1. Yenkaz Says:

    It could just be my browser, but something seems wrong with the “Print available” image.

    I really like the details in this one(like the logos) and the lighting(is all the orange light from the rightmost building or is it sunrise/sunset?)

    The building in the background is interesting too, what excactly is keeping it afloat?

  2. Tigaer Says:

    the print is not available yet, but will be soon. the orange lighting is coming from the sun which is hiding behind the large structure on the right. the ring element keeps floating with… i don’t know… ;p maybe an antigrav field or some magnetic energy… you name it. =) that’s what the buildings on the ground are for… to deliver the energy that keeps the ring in the sky. that’s the nice thing about fantasy sci-fi stuff… it doesn’t all necessarily needs an explanation. :) glad you like it. thanks for your feedback.

  3. Yenkaz Says:

    I meant this image seems corrupted:

  4. Tigaer Says:

    dammit. =) alright. fixed. thanks!

  5. sandra742 Says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

  6. Lumine Says:

    Man, i just want to thank you for sharing your amazing work. The images are just magnificent… i can’t choose only one to use as wallpaper.


  7. Eric Says:

    Tigaer, your work is so inspiring. This digital painting just blows me away. I want to go there! Keep up the great work.


    i’m speachless… amazing masterpiece…i will order the biggest photo size you can print after the next wek cause i will be on holiday.question:
    which could be the size of the towers which support the ring?
    how many miles in your fantasy???thks and compliments

  9. Tigaer Says:

    Hey, thanks for your interest. :) I’ll mail you the specifics about a possible print to your entered email address later. The question is a good one… – and i can only roughly estimate. Maybe between 1.5/2 miles high. The ring itself is held in position by magnetic fields or some anti gravity field that is emitted by the tops of the structures we see in front and in the back of the picture. That’s one of a million possible explanations :D scifi fantasy is a nice playground. =)


    i prefer biggest size cause the mountains at the base of the towers in first
    position on the right…i prefer to imagine these group of mountains like the himalayan complex so the size of the towers will go to many tens of miles
    in high….as you told sci-fi is a beautifull place where you can decide….

  11. pixeldamnation Says:

    just outstanding very inspirational work !!!

  12. Naglfar Says:

    This is a single best wallpaper I’ve ever found. I’m looking on it everyday since 2 years. It has everything I need: sci-fi theme, good color palette, balanced big objects position, gives feeling of a depth, many details. Thanks you for this awesome piece of art!

  13. Tigaer Says:

    2 years is a long time. :D Glad you’ve found it here at its source. Thanks for your feedback! =)

  14. tom Says:

    hi, i’ve been using this as my desktop for years but i recently upgraded to an ultrawide monitor. do you have a version of this that is 2560px wide?

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