Imagine a distant planet or parallel world where there is only forests, mountains and exotic animals. And all life springs off mysterious mile high mountains that can bind the energy of the planets inner forces to create an ecology that is unique throughout the whole known universe.


Here we have another digital matte painting. This time i worked a lot with photos and less with 3d or painting. It was quite a task to get all the photos look right with the lighting etc. I don’t think i succeeded 100%. Nonetheless it’s, for me, a quite nice result. Something different for my gallery.

35hrs – intuos3 – photoshop – 5500px wide – 300dpi

Wallpapers can be found in the gallery.

Special Widescreen 1680 Wp.

See here for Print Detail.

See here for various concept stages.

See here for plate i started plate with.



10 Responses to “TRILITH”

  1. Akajork Says:

    Hi Tigaer!

    Amazing detailed painting.. really awesome lightning in the background. I just wish I had your kind of skills, but I’m working on it;)!

    There is only 1 thing, I see that you copyd your rocks.. I can recognize the same rock over 4 times. Maybe you could change it and vary it a bit more.. maybe I’m wrong, if I am please correct me!


  2. Tigaer Says:

    Sometimes you have to work with a little cheating. I think there is enough variation in it to let the untrained eye simply overlook any similarities. Lack of stock is always a problem. Thanks for your feedback sir.

  3. Akajork Says:

    I guess your right! Is there gonna be a widescreen wp? I NEED it on my desktop;) !! hehe thanks

  4. Tigaer Says:

    i could have a look… what size do you need?

  5. Akajork Says:

    eehm 1680×1050 is perfect.. If you have a wp that size with no borders:D would be so awesome!

    Thanks alot Akajork

  6. Tigaer Says:

    ok, added a link to the article – unfortunately with border. hope it works anyway. have fun. :)

  7. Akajork Says:

    thanks so much:D will work just fine! Great that you reply on such short notice and that you do effort for a n00b like myself:D

  8. ProN00b Says:

    its time to think about the future and put your stuff up in 1920×1200 for people with good screens. ^_^

  9. Tigaer Says:

    i’m careful to not make my wallpapers too big. since 1920 is too close to a print size. i’m sorry.

  10. D. Says:

    wow. realy nice and “deep” this one
    too bad i´ve got 24wide monitor..anyway keep up the good work

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