True Grit – Movie Review

movie reviewA few days ago i had the chance to watch True Grit. I actually wanted to see it when it was on the big screen. Missed it. That’s how it goes sometimes. But hey, that’s what we got DVD and Bluray for. Anyway. There was quite a hype about the movie when it came out. How good it is. That the Coen brothers did It once again.

The story is pretty simple actually and finds its base in an older, previously released movie classic with John Wayne. The Coens borrowed the substance of the old movie and mixed it with some more realistic flavours… i guess. So it’s basically the daughter of that man (we never really get any info to) who got shot from a known thief and bad guy. Now that girl undertakes the endeavour to hunt down that man and bring him to justice. Now she cannot do that alone right? So she hires Jeff Bridges character to help her. And the hassle begins.

The characters in this film are well portrayed and worked out. Even though i somehow missed a little depth to them all. Whichrenders my first sentence pointless i think. We also don’t really get any info to why this girl is so mad for revenge. Ok i guess we all would be when a parent gets shot. But WE would know WHY we are mad. The movie doesn’t really give us another reason than that the shot guy was her father and that she wants back what belonged to him. It could be possible that i missed a beat there but… all that felt a little flat. What the movie does good is to show that our little lady, as tough as she may be, isn’t exactly suited for a revenge trip. That’s when Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon’s character come into play. And these two are good characters. Well played by both these superb actors. As a long time Jeff Bridges fan i also have to admit that he gets everything out of his role here that’s possible. It’s fun to watch him do his thing. Some parts of his role even reminded me on his Lebowski performance. (And i love that movie for sure) So his Oscar nomination was well deserved.

While the movie is well done in technical terms of camera, acting, directing and all these things… the finale left me really underwhelmed. Sure… they get the bad guy(s). But after that it’s like *click* and done. And that snake pit scene there? Why was that necessary? Ok, it’s another moment for Mr. Bridges character to shine. But that’s all it was good for. Very weird decisions there.

Ultimately i would recommend this movie to everyone. No question. It’s very solid and good work and entertaining too. All performances are well done and Hailee Steinfeld who plays the girl is pretty awesome to watch too. It even got a few scenes where i laughed out loud. So it got a little bit of everything in it.


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