The Blaize Chronicles Vol.1

The Blaize Chronicles Vol 1

The Blaize Chronicles

I recently created a cover for a just released ebook. The plan is to release the first part for free in ebook shape. The second book is almost done writing. They created a whole universe and, of course, are still working on a lot of things on many levels. Trying to grow a fanbase. The guys behind it invested a lot of time and work into the project and still continue to do so. Since only a part of the story is told now. There is more to come! These guys have a vision.

Now i rarely write about commissions but i want to take this chance to spread the word about the book. It might be something for you if you are a SciFi fan. So give it a shot if you’re having some spare time left.

The ebook download is free and can be found here.



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