My Kingdom Awakes

My Kingdom Awakes

This project was a lot of fun. Partly because it ended a personal creative blockade after the finish of my ‘Phoenix Rising’ project. Again i was playing with Vue and certain lighting settings. I think i found a good base for future projects now. Rendertimes went skyhigh though. However the image quality certainly speaks for itself. My goal here was to setup (or find a way) to light the scene as realistic as possible. That succeeded and after tons of hours for the render to finish… i eventually had a great plate to play with in Photoshop.

The final result is 65% Vue and everything else Photoshop. Of course i added quite some extra textures to get in the needed details. As well as extra painting in areas that did not turn out too good. The overall Photoshop postwork was done fairly fast. So i’m really happy with the outcome.

Vue – Photoshop – Wacom – 30hrs Render – 10hrs Postwork – 4500px wide

Vue Plate & Print Details

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  1. Adrian Says:

    Looks good bro! That building looks like Gothic architecture if I’m not mistaken. Love what you did with the lighting and its shadows. I think a new world has been born!

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