Terragen – Erat: leans on books from a well known fantasy writer named david eddings. For fans the books are as good as the well known tolkien works about middle-earth.

Erat is a part of a land called sendaria. A neat, practical country that was founded years ago by the duchess of erat, a notable lady of wacite arendish nobility. sendaria was the place where king belgarion spent his childhood and formed a solid basis for his character.

To the pic: The rendering time for the basic pics took about 10hrs in a res. of 3200×2400. The post work in photoshop took about 5 days – with short timeouts to eat, sleep and to find ideas – all that stuff. I’m really pleased with the result – it’s definitely under my personal top 3 terragen pieces.

So… happy viewing…
*fullview recommended*

*by request here a link to the terragen renderings without any post work. for those who are interested…

pic1 [link]

pic2 [link]

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