thomas newman – road to chicago & reading home, from the movie soundtrack of ‘road to perdition’, are some musical advices i can recommend while viewing this pic.

i kissed the ‘flow’ with that piece. ideas came from alone and the execution was easy to do. so i finnished this one after 15 hrs of work. again i tried a lot and found new innovative ways to improve my work even more. a lot of manipulation went into this after the rendering process. used a lot of my own photography to add textures, atmosphere and effects. was pretty funny to watch the pic grow more and more. some might also recognize that there’s an imense part of LAND in this piece. my sceneries usually have more water than land, but i tried something different this time.

for the title… i got inspired by a song of chantal kreviazuk called ‘this is the way (god made me)’. a wonderful canadian female singer and piano player. i chose that title because i thought about the process of creating such a pic. it’s like playing god – creating an own world by the way YOU want. yeah – it feels a little, just a little, bit god like!

so much for the talk… now for some stats…:

rendered with // terragen ver. 9.16
rendered resolution // 4250×3187
rendering time // ca. 6 hours
render without post process // [link]
post process done in // photoshop 7
post process time // ca. 8 hours
total filesize // *.psd with a res. of 4250×3187 -> 252mb
total layers // 28

2 Responses to “THE WAY GOD MADE ME”

  1. Gary Catona Says:

    Nice work

  2. Bob Bello Says:

    I love it, this is incredible.

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