Comcept 15 – Ruins

Comcept 15 – Ruins

A while ago i updated my 3d package with a few new plant models for Vue. AsileFX has quite a nice collection there. It’s also easy to modify and allows me more creative freedom and variety. This picture represents my first work with these new plant species. I really threw them in there to get a feeling for them. How they work in composition… how they look… how they react with my workflow. Due to the higher detail of the plants the rendertimes went up a bit too. But still alright for my machine. I learned a lot patience over the last years. The result of this little intermezzo my not be the most exciting but the wallpaper looks pretty nice. That’s why i decided to put it up for you.

I can’t deny that i was inspired a bit by the Avatar movie. I wanted thick foliage and decided to put some exotic looking structure into the mountain in the back. Maybe it’s some old alien building of sorts. Thousands of years old. Waiting to be discovered. *dark voice* Waiting to unleash its secret daaaark powers! */dark voice* Whatever that means. =D

That said… i hope you guys enjoy the Wallpaper Pack. 2 different versions of the scene in 1680×1050. Have fun with it!


wallpapers available

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  1. -@^@- Says:

    Hey Tigaer,

    The link to the wallpaper pack unfortunately isn’t working right now. :(

  2. Tigaer Says:

    damn, sometimes i think this site is getting too big for me. :D it’s fixed now. thanks for the hint.

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