Concept Art Update #4

concept art

And again it’s been a while with concept art gallery additions. This time i added 7 new pics. Ships, stations, scenes and speeders. I’m also thinking about redoing this gallery. It looks a bit clunky right now. On the other hand i don’t have too much time recently. We’ll see! :) For now i hope you can find some more inspiration in that gallery.



2 Responses to “Concept Art Update #4”

  1. Jason Moreno Says:

    Simply, AWESOME designs but a question, how many time do you use for a single concept?
    greetings man, and continue with your great work!
    (please connect on MSN, I need to talk with you…)

  2. Tigaer Says:

    hi jason,

    basically i sit down and start to play around with brushes and see what comes out of it. i’m pretty much online on msn every day. if you can’t catch me, just send me a mail.

    thanks for your feedback.

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