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movie reviewI’m sure most of you people don’t know this movie from 2003. I would say it’s a tragic romance movie that plays in a not so distant future. Plot mainly is that people who are not genetically compatible are not allowed to go into a relationship. Consequences for those who reject that rule.

“In a not-too-distant future after a climate catastrophe city security zones have been declared, controlled by the Sphinx Corporation. The privileged part of the humans lives within these protected areas, all others in hostile, desert locations outside. Cloning and genetic manipulation are usual. The whole story of a man is now on electronic passports. Who has no passport, must obtain one illegally to get another identity and be able to enter the cities. William, an insurance agent of Seattle, comes to Shanghai for a “leak” in the passport printing of the Sphinx Corporation uncover. He has an empathy virus, which lets him recognize other people’s thoughts. William soon identifies the culprit, Maria, but he covers up for her because he feels an strange attraction for her. When he again meets Maria coincidentally, William invites her for dinner and spends the night with her. Then he flies back to his family in America. But William feels that he fell in love with Maria, and decides to see her again. In Shanghai, he learns that Maria’s memory has forcibly be removed and his child was aborted. Finally, William finds out that Maria is a clone of his mother, and therefore their relationship infringes “Code 46″. But the two do not want to give up their love and trying to escape from the surveillance society.” (Source: )

Now i personally had this movie on my radar for quite a while. I’m a fan of this type of sci-fi setting. Even if the sci-fi elements are pretty subtle. But they are there and set a very specific tone. The lighting, as well as the camera work, defines that futuristic world as well. Now currently the movie has an IMDB rating of 6.3 which i can’t understand at all. The leading actors, Tim Robbins and Samantha Morton, play their acts so well that you can read their struggling feelings in the eyes and faces. Still they cannot resist each other and start that complicated journey and relationship. In this world that makes their love impossible. I feel sympathy for both of the characters that try to live in that world. Try to hold on every little bit of love that’s left. Beside the stuff they are already used to in their life for a long time. Samantha Mortons character is played with so much heart that it’s easy to spontaneously fall in love with her in that movie. She kind of represents the ‘life’ in that world – the truth. While Tim Robbins’ character kind of represents the tree and its roots that try to reach the water and life.

Michael Winterbottom directed a nice and solid movie here that gives a possible, from my point of view very possible, outlook on how it all could look in the future. It’s realistic and i am not sure if i would love it to live in that world. Nonetheless i find it interesting and appealing. It’s a quiet movie you have to take yourself some time for. No big action… but some nice emotions. Something for the heart and brain!

It’s definitely a movie worth risking a look at. For me it was worth it writing this review.

A good and solid 7.3/10 for me.

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