District 9 – Review

movie reviewDistrict 9 is a movie i really really waited for. Practically since i saw the shortfilm from Neill Blomkamp who also directed this big movie now.

Now i want to take this opportunity to personally thank Mr. Peter Jackson for his support of this movie. Thanks thanks thanks!

Now this movie, for me, falls into the same category like Sunshine and Cloverfield. What i always wished for monster movies… Cloverfield did it. What i always hoped for Sci-Fi… District 9 did it. With a production cost of $30.000.000 it’s also much cheaper than much much of the other useless hollywood bullshit. That’s just my oppinion. Every single cent that was invested into District 9 was worth it. The aliens looked so well integrated and realistic that you totally forget that it’s CGI. And the most important thing… you feel sympathy for them. Once that happens… you’re hooked.

Jeff Cannata from the Totally Rad Show described it like Half Life the game. Our main character basically is Gordon Freeman. And ultimately this movie is what movies made from video games should be like. But there is no game for the movie. And that’s a good thing!

When the movie starts you’re kind of wondering where it want to go with us. A few minutes in you start to understand what is happening and what the movie could be about. It’s taking a slight twist and from there on you are with the character. You almost want to help them. When it’s time for some alien weapon action you are just ‘yeah!’ and ‘give em hell!’. It’s great! It’s a movie for men! Totally! 85% of ther viewers were men when i was watching it. But it doesn’t matter actually. This movie is quite a ride. A lot of fun! And sometimes even mindblowing.

The visual effects. Well i actually don’t need to say much about it. They were pretty much flawless. I couldn’t pick out anything i could start a rant about. The lighting. Texture quality. Detail. Animation. Just plain awesome. If you’re into vfx then go check out this movie. Fantastic!

This one gets a 9.0/10 rating from me.

Go see it!

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