My last space art try lies a bit back and i felt i needed to try it again. I thought about a new pic quite some time… months to be accurate. I thought about what i could create. How the setup should be. What elements i should implement. Gods adagio [link] , my last space work, got some nice feedback and i tried to take out all suggestions what to make better. I found that the overall coloring was quite chaotic in gods adagio… though it’s an important element of the pic because if offers so many color combinations that the eye seems to be busy for ever to get the whole spectrum and complexity lol. But it’s too much really. i tried to change that with my new pic. i tried a more peaceful nebula. Still with strong colors that can catch the eye… but very balanced and not too chaotic. I also refined my skills in planet creation a bit more. All in all a training piece in space art for me. With a very pleasing result to me…


Technically is not much to say. Everything was created with photoshop. For the nebula elements i used photography and manipulated it to get the desired look. Space works are always the hardest to work with for me. The psd files always get overnatural heavy and it’s very hard to get a fluid workflow.


createded with // photoshop cs, canon 20d photography
creative process time // over a period of 4 weeks (ca. 28 hours)
total filesize // *.psd with a res. of 3000×4500 -> 457mb
total layers // about 110
inspired by // `hameed – `alyn – ~ sirgerg

The wallpaper pack contains 5 different wps in 1600×1200 (each has about 1mb). Plus the deviation picture. The reason for the large 1600×1200 res is easy… it’s the most compatible resolution to easily downsize to 1280×960 / 1024×768 / 800×600. The wallpaper pack is almost 10mb large. I’m sorry for that… quality counts.

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