Battlestar Galactica – Review

movie reviewA few days ago i watched the finale of the Battlestar Galactica TV series. Time for a review since this series was practically the only TV series i followed over the last few years. I know there are a lot of other good TV series out there but most of them always end with crazy cliffhangers and even more unanswered questions. LOST is a good example. I literally hated it to wait another week before i got one answer and two more questions about the happenings on the island. After a few episodes i had enough of that concept. Well, BSG on the other hand, has cliffhangers too. Nonetheless the writers managed it to make every episode a closed story in the end. BSG was a very very well written TV series with very strong characters and the interesting element that you could see, in a realistic way, how a race is fighting for survival. And what problems occur on the way and how they can solve them. The story as well as the FX and soundtrack were extremely good. The space dogfights between colonial and cylon fighters were always an eyecatcher. Not to mention the battles between cruisers and baseships. It was a lot of fun!

So the final episode finally brings them home. After an epic fight against an cylon outpost. The FX in that battle were just gorgeous. I never saw such FX quality in a TV series. Some real fireworks for the last episode. The way how they brought everything together for the end was very well done. All the characters depart into different regions of earth to settle. They find their final peace. After that epic journey they finished, they finally found a place to live. As a fan of the series you really feel good for them. They deserved it. I even shed a tear. Very touching stuff happening.

They cleared up every question except for one. That keeps you thinking even after the end of the series. Actually a good move because that way the series stays in your head. You won’t forget it too easily.

A thanks to the cast and all people who worked on it. Great piece of work!

If you haven’t seen it… get yourself the dvds and watch it. If you’re a fan of scifi and drama… my recommendation!


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