Panorama Factory Austria newsLast weekend i was in Austria, visiting a good friend. His family has a house on a mountain there and we took the chance to have some nice time there. I can say that i never saw as much snow as i did this year. The sight from up there was great. And i really really appreciate a nice landscape vista. The weather wasn’t perfect, except for one day. All of the panoramas were taken that one day. I took the chance and gathered some nice material for my painting archive. It was a lot of fun up there and i hope i’ll get the chance to get back there sooner than later. Thanks to my buddy for the invitation.


Bazora Nights – This is the sight we had a few meters further from our house. One night we risked a look and had this amazing vista in front of us. It was 2:00am and we decided to take this chance. We needed an hour before we got back to the house. It was worth it. Even if it was damn cold that night! This panorama consists of 10 separate shots. All taken with bulb settings and roughly 45 secs of exposure. Photoshop cs4 did a remarkable job stitching these together.


Bazora Days – Here we basically have the daylight sight of the night shot.


Muttersberg One – This was the perfect weather. The only day we had perfect conditions, we went to the ‘Muttersberg’. Surely not the highest mountain on the block, but nontheless a truly amazing sight. 15+ separate shots.


Muttersberg Two – The sun was already going down when i did this one. I really dig the atmospherics that are going on there. A vertical panorama with 5+ separate shots.


Muttersberg Three – Same position as the first two Muttersberg panoramas. Slightly different angle. I tried to capture as much of the sight as possible.



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  1. SiSaSu Says:

    das letzte ist vor allem sehr sehr kuhl =)
    du fotopelz. DEPP! jawohl. eigentlich bist du einer von uns. tief im innern. muahahahaha.

  2. Tigaer Says:

    ich befürchts auch. ;p

  3. Science of Identity Foundation Says:

    Beautiful photos! I wish I could head up to the snow myself (it’s been 9 months since I’ve seen snow). Did you do any snowboarding :-)?

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