This piece is concept art for an futuristic online rpg that is still in development. Check out for more information.


THE WALL – the first kind of apocalyptical piece i’ve ever done. also the first concept art job i’ve ever done. what do we look at in that pic.

this huge gigantic wall is hundreds of kilometers long. it is there to protect a certain part of land. a part of land that is secure. everything outside the wall is hazardous. no life. only a desert of death. toxic air floating around. nothing can survive out there. remnants of war not long ago. to the people with thin secured area the wall is one of the most important institutions. the wall must hold at all costs. the toxic air is slowly working on the materials though. no one knows how long the complex will survive. while scientists work hard to invent new protection methods. we also see 2 large buidlings. one within and one outside the wall. within the wall it’s a generator. generator 56 in our case. the building is approx. 600-800m high and full of technologie. these buildings keep the wall alive. keep all the lights glowing. the other building outside the wall is an immense research & security complex. from there it is possible to search for a solution against the toxic environment outside the wall. the most scientists that work there live in thet building too. there are working and living areas.

this building also contains drones/probes that can be sent out to gather information or simply to patrol a sector for the security division. the drones unfortunately aren’t very flexible. due to the very hazardous air no live radio transmitions are possible. that’s a reason why the drones must be connected to the tower all the time. a lot of tests with new models failed, so they still have to rely on the wired ones. aside the scientistic purpose these drones are also used for security issues. only god knows what creatures the wasted lands created over the time. protected with, the newest laser and projectile, weapon technology the drones are able to handle and terminate all dangers.

there is one single advantage of the wasted lands. the scientists found a way to use the toxic air and water to gain energy from it. the strong lightsources on the wall are generators too. much smaller than the gen56 towers generators. but still big enough to work out well. the strong lights are produced because of the transformation process. the energies are too much to handle for the smaller transformation generators. so some of the gained energy must be released to not overheat the structure.

this concludes the explanation of the important parts. hope you enjoy the pic as much as i do.


rendered with // terragen ver. 9.19
rendered resolution // 5000×3333
rendering time // 7 rendered pics – ca. 40 hours
render without post process // [link] <- one of the 7 renders.
post process done in // photoshop
post process time // over a period of 6 weeks
total time invested // almost 2 months
total filesize // *.psd with a res. of 5000×3333 -> 305mb
total layers // ca. 736 (a bit excessive huh?) in almost 110 folders
inspired by // alien II

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