Micael New woke up at 7 o’clock on this morning, alarmed by the radio. Planetary control was requesting report. Micael stumbled into the cockpit cursing himself for not being awake to receive the call. His career as freighter pilot made him a bit lazy and he blamed the rotten jump control console for not waking him up when they entered normal space. When he reached the cockpit he saw that wonderful, window-filling orange glowing planet in front of his ship. The sun just came up on the horizon. Holding one hand in front of the eyes so as to not get blinded he reached for the console to activate the windows uv filter. After giving report to the planetary orbit security he activated auto-pilot to enter the line of ships that were waiting for permission to land. Micael got up from his seat and back into the personal cabin to wake up his wife and daughter. He was very excited and gave a kiss to his wife and daughter and told them that they finally arrived. His wife gave him a warm smile as he headed back into the cockpit to watch the landing procedure and to handle incoming requests. Without interruptions the auto-pilot moved the ship into the atmosphere of the planet. Micael took the ship intern communicator to tell his wife and daughter that they entered the atmosphere now – “please come up here, this is a view you have never seen before” he said. As they were entering the ports authority zone micael began to smile as he first looked over that grand view and then into the stunned faces of the rest of the family. “Welcome to port hope on planet myrana calida… myrana calina… our new home”.

thx ~crystaleyes909


first of all thanks to =Cocktales – that texture works wonderful!

the creation of this piece went a little different direction than the usual ways i create my stuff with. a few weeks ago i got myself a gfxtablet and took this piece as a chance to make myself familiar with digital paintings. some elements in this one are painted and combined with my manip techniques. i can say i learned a lot by creating this piece. the work with a pen made it much much easier to work out the building textures or to add freighter and fighters. the part i’m most proud of is the dock in that wall. it’s perfectly the direction i want to go with my technique. a mix of manipulations and paintings. that’s all i can say. this piece was a lot of work and i hope you can enjoy viewing it as much as i enjoyed creating it.

click here ->HERE YOU HAVE THE CHANCE TO LOOK INTO THE PRINT DETAIL (2.8mb jpg file)<- ereh kcilc


rendered with // terragen ver. 9.19
rendered resolution // 5000×3333
rendering time // 4 rendered pics – ca. 40 hours
render without post process // [link]
post process done in // photoshop cs
post process time // over a period of 7 weeks
total filesize // two *.psd files each with a res. of 5000×3333 (psd #1 166mb // psd#2 206mb)
total layers // each psd ca. 250 layers
project folder size // 1,34gb (61 files)
inspired by // my mind and imagination

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