Well it was always my dream to create pictures like this one. No matter how and with what technique. I tried it with my well known terragen/photoshop technique and i created ‘a new hope’ [link] . Then i took a trip into digital painting. Inspired by the works of a gary tonge aka *ANTIFAN-REAL or ~dylancole it’s what you see here in this artwork what i always wanted to do from the beginning of my very first looks into photoshop a few yrs ago. ‘A trip to the city’ [link] (a collab with =Bennybeee ) was the first try to paint some signs of a cityscape. Successful i think. Then i tried a full size painting… 5000px wide… ‘dawn of hope’ [link] , an homage to ‘a new hope’ and maybe another step into a new direction for me. Now alagaesia prime was created through painting techniques too… and the productivity was awesome. In comparison to my terragen/photoshop technique i really got some speed into my creative process. That’s really what i liked the most while creating this piece… i had the chance to work fast and efficient.


Not too much to say here. Wacom Intuos 3 – 5000x4000x300dpi… – digital painting completely done in photoshop… using… brushes.

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