elysia is one of the planets everyone knows when you’re talking about it. there’s no person that has not seen one of the amazing sunsets, at least on a photo. the ‘paradise of the universe’ was it called once in a news article. people living and working there mostly to serve the tourists. you can do everything there! enjoy the forests. enjoy mountain climbing. take a trip down the golden rivers that swirl over the planets surface like veins of blood. i wished i could visit this place for only one time. but all i have is a photo… and my wish.


once again is tried some matte painting techniques for this piece. i worked with a lot of photography to texture the elements in my terragen render. my goal is always to let it look like it’s not done with help of terragen. i guess i got that pretty good in this piece. the big building in front was completely painted. with help of a few manip techniques. i thank god for my wacom. to create such stuff with mouse would take ages. generally i always tried to keep an eye on the overall composition. i had talks with friends about what else i could add. there even was a flyer for the right side in planning. i decided against is because of the huge cloud front that is balancing the pic good enough. a flyer would have distracted from the general composition.

digital painting, wacom, photoshop, 30hrs, 5000px wide, 250mb psd

the unedited/unaltered terragen pic: [link]


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  1. Eric Says:

    Another one of my favorites. Thank you for sharing your talent and transporting us to your worlds.

    Can you give a rundown of your workstation setup? What kind of processor, graphics card, how much RAM, etc.

    Again, your work is inspiring! Keep ’em coming,

  2. Tigaer Says:


    first of all i’m glad you enjoy my work.

    I updated my machine early last year. It currently has an Intel i7 920, 12gb ram, 1.5tb on harddrives and a Nvidia 260gtx or so. Input is a A5 size Wacom Intuos 3. Almost too much cash in all that. But it makes working so much easier. =) Hope that helps.

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