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movie reviewThe truth is out there!” That’s what it’s all about. The last months i took myself the pleasure to watch the whole x-files. Tv series and movies. In chronological order. Even the ‘lone gunmen’ spin off. Even if there’s a ton load to say about the whole thing i want to make it as short as possible.

The x-files, to date, is one of the most successful tv series dynasties ever. I can remember having problems to find sleep after the ‘tooms’ episodes! Yes, i grew up with the x-files but lost contact when mulder disappeared later in season 7. Now i had the chance to see the whole package and i damn enjoyed it a lot! It was like a trip back in time when i watched the first episode, the first season in general.

Story wise i think we all kind of know what’s going on in the tv series. While there’s a red line of well organized mythology episodes, there are also episodes that do not walk hand in hand with the big conspiracy soryline. There are also some incredibly funny episodes mixed between the other pretty serious thematics. The writers really did let their imagination go wild sometimes. It resulted in very enjoyable 45 minute episodes. To see what mulder and scully have to go through to find the ultimate truth is pretty heartbreaking sometimes. All the happenings result in a personal happy end between the characters of mulder and scully at the end of the series. While that is a point that makes you happy when you finished the final episode… there’s this kind of open end solution they chose. For me a kind of message that, all they did go through, counts nothing. Which is sad. They know the truth, yes. Nonetheless.

My rating: 8.5/10

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The X-Files – Fight The Future

The first movie was really well done. Even people who did not watch the xfiles in tv, should have a good chance to enjoy the movie. The movie consists of a different atmosphere somehow. I would go as far as saying the whole chemistry of the actors worked much better than in tv. Not exactly sure why. The movie drives the mythology storyline of the tv series further and creates quite some tension. Technically the camera and fx, for that time, work pretty good. Some nice matte painting work later on in the movie. So basically, if you want to understand everything in the tv series, you should have seen the movie which plays after season 5 (if i remember right).

My rating: 7.5/10

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The X-Files – I Want To Believe

This second movie, for me, came too late. The story is a standalone one and none of the mythology ones. The open end of the tv series leaves a lot of space for further movies. When it comes to the story then it’s somehow nice to see how it’s going with mulder and scully. How they live. What they do. Still followed by their old demons? Mulder is a nice wreckage. Pretty much what i expected. It’s good to see him that way. It’s realistic. It’s visible that both of them tried to get everything behind them. They clearly got older and tried the live with the, earlier mentioned, demons. The fbi calls and wants to hire mulders expertise with the paranormal. Mulder only accepts the call when scully helps him. So she, kinda unwillingly, does. This leads to complications later on in the movie. Definitely a movie for the fans. Not exactly for other viewers. The story itself is a bit wishywashy somehow. Nonetheless it’s a heart warming feeling to see mulder and scully doing something together after all those years.

My rating: 6.7/10

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