Mornings Beneath The Infinity Towers

Mornings Beneath The Infinity Towers

“I dreamt of trenches. Hundreds of miles long and miles high. Pulsating with the energy of life and opportunites. Now what I see is something different. Waking up to the horns and sounds of the tower crawlers like they did to the church bells in the olden days.” Unknown Writer – Infinity – 2733

Like many other of my projects I started this one with just fooling around. As usual I started to see something at some point and continued on. There was a vague goal of creating a scifi city sort of thing. I ‘sort of’ succeeded I suppose? Imagine a world covered by a sheet of glass. The reason? I leave to your imagination. The cities with their imposing dimensions hovering above with help of an alien technology.

7000×3784 – Vue – Photoshop – Lightroom

The artwork on:

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