In Her Majesty’s Complacency

In Her Majesty’s Complacency

Now it’s officially a series. After “In Her Majesty’s Eyes” (which is in a Bronze kind of color theme) we now have a silver queen too! And yes, we will also go for gold! Yet again I learned a lot about how to work with Blender and optimize certain workflows and ways to render out the material for ideal post work in Photoshop. Not too much else to say here other than she seems to be a little over her head, right? Goal was it to give her more of an “I don’t care” attitude. I think I got that down nicely. The lighting was a tricky one as I planned to keep it as natural as possible. Quite happy with it. Especially in context of the series the piece if a part of.

7500×5000 – Blender – DAZ Studio – Photoshop – Lightroom

The artwork on: DeviantartArtstationCGSociety

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