In Their Domain

In Their Domain

“As the dragons screech echoed through the white mountains and its mighty wings started to move, all birds, hidden and invisible a second before, came to life and filled the cool air with blurry black dots of chaos. My horse got scared and started to become nervous. It took me a while to win contol again. As I gazed over the mountains I decided it was time to quietly move on. I certainly didn’t want to meet a beast like that eye to eye. And neither did my horse.” – Dairy of an Unknown Huntress

2019 was when I started this one. I never managed to get it to a point where I was satisfied enough with it. Although I also kind of enjoyed the scene even early on. I rarely do winter scenes and I had the urge to tackle it again. Dragons are also never a wrong thing to have! Even when I’m writing these lines I’m still doing touch ups. Applying a more dynamic feel. Make it feel less static. And I still don’t know if I’m convinced by it. =D Anyhoo. It’s time to leave it be and release it into the wild.

From a technical aspect I used my usual workflow going through Vue and Photoshop. Assets I used are from XFrog, Megascans and terrains created with Gaea. Quite some overpainting going on. Especially to bring in some imperfections to hide that typical “too accurate” 3d rendered look.

Thanks to my lovely GF for some compositional hints!

8000×4300 – Vue – Photoshop – DAZ Studio – Gaea – Lightroom

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