In Her Majesty’s Eyes

In Her Majesty’s Eyes

Quite proud of this one. Originally I wanted to apply my usual workflow to this. Going through Vue for the scene layout and render. I decided to go with Blender though. For a couple of reasons. I need to learn Blender. I needed to understand how the DAZ to Blender bridge works. I wanted to know how rendering in Blender works. In short… I wanted to see how I can work with Blender for a scene like this. Vue is for landscapes and open vistas. And it’s designed for that. It’s not exactly made for scenes like this. Although I really miss a couple of Vue things within Blenders workflow. Aside of that I kept my workflow of rendering out passes and combining them in Photoshop.

The creative process was fun. Even with the constant checking “how do I do this or that in Blender”. I also used my Abstract Objects collection to give it an otherworldly look. The scene underwent quite some changes during its creative process. It took me a long time until I found a good setup that didn’t crush the centerpiece of the scene. The queen. I definitely wanted her to stand out. So I also played around with lighting the scene properly. As well as adding a depth of field effect to lead the viewers attention directly to her. Treating the scene kind of like a photoshooting.

5000×7500 – Blender – DAZ Studio – Photoshop – Lightroom

Part of the BRONZE exhibit by the AURORA Artgroup

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