Remember The Fallen Hunters

Remember The Fallen Hunters

I started this in the summer of 2020 and finished it by the end of it. I needed some extra ‘breeding’ time for it. =D Now I know it’s done. Another entry to my growing ‘Unknown Huntress’ series. It seems I’m having fun building a little world there. Playing with different ideas. And sure… pictures like these have been done to death I suppose. Still… I hope I managed to give it a unique look and feel nonetheless. I like the result. The atmosphere creates a nice moody feel while still maintaining a kind of uplifting impression with the lighting and colours. Life goes on. Even in this imaginary fantasy world.

My scenes continue to become more and more complex for some reason. Vue, Plant Factory, XFrog, Gaea, World Machine, DAZ Studio… tools that have been used here. Not even counting the 2d tools. I used this project to refresh my knowledge about certain techniques I used in the past and haven’t used in a long time. During the creative process I had to run through several technical troubleshootings – as usual with 3d. I ultimately managed to bring it all together. But not without having to optimize several parts of the scene before rendering. Photoshop brought all the rendered elements together and helped fixing and adding stuff. A lot of work but fun to watch all of it come together.

7000×3784 – Vue – DAZ Studio – Photoshop – Lightroom

The artwork on:



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