Aurora – Exhibit VII – Purple

Project Aurora - Exhibit VII

The Luminarium & The Cosmosys Collective and others joined forces and invite you to boost your imagination and inspiration! Aurora is the result. Our mission? To inspire and blow away! In the recent months we got a nice influx of talented folks who, in their past, participated in other well known groups that turned silence over the past years. This will give Aurora even more variety and visual quality. What you can find is visual eyecandy from all across the board. There should be something for every taste in it. As long as said taste is ‘cool’! =D

I’m proud to be a part of this release. We never had this many artwork to present! And it is great two see my two participating pieces along all those other amazing pieces of art. Two pieces I’m rather proud of even. Hope you enjoy the view!

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Project Aurora Project Aurora Website
The Exhibit on Behance


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