Finished The Job

Finished The Job

In order to come up with a scene for Aurora’s “Blue” topic for its newest release I had some initial trouble finding a good starting point. I started doubting myself since blue is pretty much THE scifi colour to go with and I never had trouble with that colour. But this time was different. I did have a hard time. The best way to overcome a block like that is to keep trying… and so I did. It too me a bit but I managed to find something. Even though the end result could have been a little less scifi generic. However, there are still some catchy elements in here. I would also settle this piece in my “Unknown Huntress” universe. I’m sure this pic could inspire some neat stories.

Created the base scene in Vue with testing Vue’s updated displacement mapping mode. Worked nicely and with RDT textures I managed to create a nice rocky ground with realistic features. From there I added the background structures and used DAZ Studio for the bounty huntress. All combined and rendered in Vue. All render passed were then moved into Photoshop for additional work. Mainly fixes, colours and atmosphere add ons.

7000×3784 – Vue – DAZ Studio – Photoshop – Lightroom

Part of the AURORA: BLUE exhibit

wallpapers available

The artwork on: DeviantartArtstationCGSociety



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