It Must Be Stars

It Must Be Stars

“We just entered the outside perimeter of the city. I heard amazing things but it’s not really visible yet. Just a glimmer on the horizon. We’ve set course and got official permission to enter the inner perimeter. Slowly one big, blurry light became two, then three, four and soon thousands. “It must be stars” I thought, as we moved in closer and the city grew in front of my eyes, with all its life and lights.”

This one originally was a commission request but it ended up nowhere since I knew it would be quite a task if I wanted to maintain my usual quality – and my level of detail and quality was one of the main reasons the client contacted me. In the end there wasn’t enough budget. So I decided not to throw my initial concept work away and gave it a go as a personal piece. I think it kind of ended up like something the client would have been quite happy with. Although I did go a slightly different route when the commission fell apart.

For the look I wanted something ‘ancient/old scifi’ looking. A palace and a city that look oldish and majestic but still have some kind of base in technology. Much like Naboo in Phantom Menace I guess. Of course I drew some inspiration from the briefing material I got from the client. Although their idea was underwater and the scene I created isn’t. Even though the color scheme might suggest it is. It’s more a place or location you would find in the Marvel universe I guess. That’s at least how I approached it.

I certainly would love to explore that city and get blown away by the sheer scale of the palace above the city.

7000×3196 – Vue – C4D – Photoshop – Lightroom – World Machine – Geoglyph

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