Comcept 31 – Battle For New Cydonia

Comcept 31 – Battle For New Cydonia

This one actually belongs to my Com-cept series but I decided to go with a more proper title. I started this a long time ago and kept it on my drive after I was done with the main parts. It was a technical training piece. A try to create something like a battle scene. Time goes by and I focused on other projects and ideas. Then Aurora decided to go with the color theme of Orange for their next release. I got back to the piece and decided to polish it up as much as I could. Even though I’m not crazy happy with it, I do enjoy the scene and the things I wanted to learn with it… I did learn. =)

As usual the scene was created in Vue with quite some kitbashing for the ships. I did multiple renders and combined them in Photoshop. There I added the FX and overpainted/fixed stuff I was not too happy with. It’s always fun to add extra detail that makes the scene feel more alive. Last but not least some basic colour tuning in Photoshop and Lightroom. Originally I had a more poppy colour grading but decided against in favour of a more realistic approach.

6000×2739 – Vue – Photoshop – C4D – Lightroom

Part of Project Aurora: Orange

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