Journeys Of An Unknown Huntress

Journeys Of An Unknown Huntress

Here we have something special. My first attempt working with objects (by Megascans) coming with PBR optimized high resolution textures. Very soon into the creative process I learned that, for maximum quality, I would need a new machine. So a lot of time went into optimizing the scene for the final render. Still, rendering the final took a long time to get done. So I made this project one of my benchmark projects. I pushed myself and my hardware to the limits. I cannot say how many hours went into this project but I’m fairly happy with the result.

Technically I think I haven’t used a combination of this many tools for a single project yet. I also wanted to use a perspective and camera settings that convey a nice sense of scale and depth. Bringing it all into the scene and make it sit right was a task. Along the way I picked up some bugs in Vue that got fixed rather quickly after I reported them. I have also split up the scene into foreground and background again – to keep the rendering process as efficient as possible. Because I knew that I would end up rendering some elements a couple of times to fix stuff that bugged me. Photoshop combined all the renders and added a lot of fixes, overpaints and colour adjustments.

7500×4998 – Vue – Photoshop – C4D – DAZ Studio – The Plant Factory – Lightroom – World Machine

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