Into The Distance

Into The Distance

Here we have a piece I created for webinar shows I held this year for Digital Art Live (sponsored by E-On Software). Two parts in April and two parts in October. I used this project to explain my typical techniques and tried to show some experimental stuff by using JSplacement for the terrain. This gave the overall scene a neat unusual look. In the April shows we took a look into the creation of the scene in Vue and In October we checked out how to efficiently render the scene and get the most out of our post work options for best final results. A lot of time went into the preparation and I was very nervous before the shows. Overall it went all smoothly and I was able to go through all the elements I had planned to show. In the end it were around 9 hours of runtime. I can still feel how dry my mouth felt after more than 2 hours of talking. =) The audience was fun and it was a neat interaction with them and their questions. And the final image doesn’t look to bad too. Even though I admit I did add some extra detail after the shows.

I tried to keep the scene as simple as possible with its setup and look. So I wouldn’t lose myself in explaining something in the shows most attendees wouldn’t have been interested in. So you could argue it looks pretty generic. I tried to give it a more special look by using terrains created from patterns done with JSplacement. I think that helps to move the scene a little out of the ‘generic’ category. Hope you agree! =)

5000×2283 – JSplacement – Vue – Photoshop – Lightroom

Scene with No Depth Of Field
Scene Perspectives: View 1View 2View 3View 4View 5

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