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Lets imagine we’re on a distant planet. Where some fighters train an air combat situation. Or is it no training? We’re on a very vulcanic active planet here and the environment is not the lifeform friendliest. Smoke and dust everywhere, which makes it hard for the crews to keep the fighters clean. The harsh environment is quite a challenge to the pilots too. Sudden engine deaths and other malfunctions require top pilots to survive there. A futuristic top gun scene.


This pic is basically a digital painting. Created with an intuos3 tablet. After i blocked in the shapes i added some rock textures to the mountains and surface to gain a glimpse of realism. I really like how the landscape turned out. Not too happy with other parts. But it’s all something that helps in the learning process.

35hrs – intuos3 – 5000px wide – 290mb psd

inspired by: ryan church

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