Bleeding Skies

Bleeding Skies

Now this one is probably a little inspired by that one map in the first Titanfall game. Pretty cool idea they had there. Giant guns targeting enemy ships in orbit. And sure, old idea! Anyway, guess I really needed to try myself on that. What I also did was to work in 16bit depth to get the most out of the colours. But you feel the load when working it in Photoshop. You definitely need some RAM for it to efficiently handle the process.

I’m a little split on how successful I am with this one. I had to leave out some of the original ideas in favour of a good composition and not make the scene appear to cluttered with stuff going on. These ideas aren’t dead though. =D I just hope the intended dynamic feels comes across nicely and sparks some imagination on what’s happening above the clouds. There’s certainly a heavy battle raging!

7684×3508 – Vue – Photoshop – Lightroom – World Machine

Part of Project Aurora: Red –

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