Vue Basics Tutorial on Artstation

Vue Basics - Tutorial

A while ago I was approached by none other than one of the (if not THE) biggest websites for digital art professionals. In the recent past they ventured out a little and try to also bring people tutorial/walkthrough videos to certain software packages. Now it seems I’m known for using Vue quite a bit. =) So they were asking for a quick run through the tool and what it’s able to do. I sat down and took “Port Fenster“, one of the projects in my Endeavours series, to help me explain the strengths of Vue. Maybe I’ll get the chance to cover some more detailed stuff in a later video. For now we have the basics. Enjoy! =)

Find the video: here

This video is sponsored by the fine folks at E-On Software, the creators of Vue! And, of course, Artstation. Big thanks to both!


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