New Los Angeles 3019

New Los Angeles 3019

Looking through my artwork collection you might have guessed that I am a Blade Runner fan. Like pretty much everyone working in my field, it’s almost a given. A very influential film on so many levels. I started this project over a year ago and just wanted to have some fun with it. Exploring some composition ideas. The ‘just for fun’ aspect comes also into play with where I decided to set the world in. 1000 years after the original Blade Runner on a different planet with a city kind of (but not really) similar to what we know from the film. Naturally I took me some liberties with the design and look but hope to have captured that dystopian feel at least.

Plate created and laid out in Vue. I started out with a much smaller scale for the project but decided to go for a bigger render when I found that the scene has some potential. Also originally didn’t have the bridges between the towers. When playing around I kind of liked the idea and kept them in. Rendered with multipass for best flexibility in the Photoshop post work stage. There I overpainted quite some elements, added lights and detail to make the city feel alive. Last but not least I used Lightroom to push the atmosphere and feel a little more.

6000px wide, Vue, C4D, Photoshop, Lightroom

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