Comcept 29 – Let’s Take The Boat Out

Comcept 23 – Let’s Take The Boat Out

I started this one quite a while ago. Early 2015 I think. I kept it laying around not really sure what to do with it. AURORA – a collaborational effort of both artgroups The Luminarium & The Cosmosys Collective to do a crossover exhibit, made me go back to it and add some final touches. I’m glad it got accepted into the exhibit and sits along some fantastic work by artists from around the world.

I don’t even remember anymore what exactly sparked the inspiration for this one. Well, it’s part of my Comcept series, so it wasn’t supposed to be a super refined piece and more something quick. No matter my intentions it (of course) turned out more detailed than planned though. I guess my love for exploring futuristic cities surely plays into it. Composition wise this piece is all over the place. Surely not perfect but somehow it doesn’t work too bad. At least in my eyes. =) The clear and obvious focus is the ship that blocks the sun, in the middle of the scene. I’m a little proud of the design of that little guy. The background shows a very industrial style city with a port facility built into the gigantic wall on the right. That one giant ship back there is in the process of docking. Huge holographic guides lead the ship into position to complete the procedure. And that was part of the original inspiration if I recall correctly. Really enjoy how that part turned out.

The scene itself is based on some rougher concepts I did earlier. 3 scenes showing places on a planet called Linestra. So here we have, a more detailed, fourth scene. Also on Linestra.

Technically it’s business as usual. The scene was composed and rendered in Vue. Various additional modelling happened in C4D. Beside own models I used some material from DAZ. Photoshop was used to bring multiple render passes together and add visual effects, overpaint and fix elements of the scene. Lightroom was used to push colours and atmosphere.

5000px wide, Vue, C4D, Photoshop

wallpapers available

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