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Archithese Issue 4/2016 Feature

Two of my works were used to visualize articles about futuristic/scifi architecture. Issue 4/2016 of the swiss architecture magazine Archithese is all about futuristic architecture and its influences. From Here I Can Almost See The Stars is featured on a two page spread in the magazine and Gates To Elysium in an introductory article about the magazine issue. Since I’m no architect, I find it quite interesting that my stuff could possibly be an inspiration, for people working in the field of architecture. So having my work feature in a magazine like this is really special for me.

The word magazine is almost an understatement for this publication. It’s almost a book and feels really good in your hands. It has a nice weight, which gives it a nice feel of quality. As mentioned before, this issue of the magazine tackles Science Fiction and how it has influenced architecture in real life and media. Movies like Blade Runner as well as Star Wars are discussed. As a scifi fan, working in art, it is quite an interesting read.

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