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After a long time trying to get one of my works into the 3D Total Galleries, this year I finally managed to sneak in there. It’s not easy to get your work included there and I want to take this post just to say how cool it is to have finally made it. To have your work side by side with the work of so many other talented folks is a great motivation to keep pushing your boundaries. Now recently I managed to get a third piece of mine selected for inclusion into their gallery and that kind of proves to me that the stuff I create does work. Of course it’s always a taste thing but still, even if you are not the biggest fan of the subject matter a picture or work/project presents, you can still recognize the skill and artistry that went into crafting a project. However, having a three of my works in their gallery is a cool thing!

Return to Chronos Keep: here

Beasts shall rise: here

From here I can almost see the Stars: here

And an article where I wrote a little about the process behind “From here I can see…”.

Find the article here: Making of a Sci-Fi cityscape


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