Return To Chronos Keep

Return To Chronos Keep

I started this one shortly after I finished reading ‘Hyperion Cantos’ by Dan Simmons. Easily some of the best scifi you will ever read. So, go… get it and read it if you haven’t! I decided to try myself on a scene from the book (and there are so many good ones!). Late in the story our group of characters is sorta kinda trapped at a very important place and they need to stay there. Unfortunately food and water runs out and they decide to send 2 of them back to a fortress kind of place to get food and water. So my scene shows one of them on their way. What we see is how I kind of imagined the environment looking like in that part of the book. In the book it’s sort of described as a desert with some neat atmospheric effects. That ‘atmospheric effects’ part got me. In the end it’s not a super exciting scene I guess. I had my fun playing around with it though. =)

Technically it’s a mix of 3d and 2d techniques. Created with Vue, The Plant Factory, World Machine & Photoshop. I used Apophysis renders to visualize the atmospheric effects. After rendering the scene plate I, as usual, did go back to add lots of elements I rendered separately. I also oriented on the descriptions in the book regarding lighting and colours. Got that part good I think. =)

6500×2967 – Vue – The Plant Factory – World Machine – Photoshop – Lightroom

This pic is part of The Luminarium’s 28th Exhibit. Some amazing work by some great digital artists in there. Check it out here!

Scene Setup
Print Detail

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CGTrader Digital Art Competition

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