Greenland I

Greenland I

Here we have an experiment I did a long time ago. 2011 to be exact. I guess I never really was happy with it. The goal was to create a nature scene. And some parts in here I do really enjoy. But the overall picture is too cluttered and lacks composition. However, I decided to dig it out and play around with the atmosphere and colors a little. In the end I decided to go for a more vivid color scheme to give it some fantasy character. It’s ‘presentable’ now I guess. =D Still no masterpiece though.

Created and rendered with Vue and a load of detail fixing in Photoshop. I also re-rendered a couple of elements to bring in some additional detail here and there. So ultimately it may not be the result I wanted but still, I invested some extra work for it nonetheless. I don’t know exactly why but the water area took forever to render. =D

Vue – Photoshop – Lightroom – 6000×3100

Had my fun with this one and hope you enjoy the view. :)


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