BABEL – Review

movie reviewA few days ago i had the chance to watch babel. I heard a lot about the movie over the time. Nonetheless i did not have high expections. I already knew about the plot and was waiting for the things to happen. What the movie manages to show in a very very nice way is how dynamics in life work. How the smallest thing happening on one side of the globe can affect things taking place on the other side of the planet. All the little connections that have to happen to make a specific event occur. I can recommend that movie to everyone who’s not wasting a second thinking about what he/she is doing or saying. It’s definitely worth thinking about what you’re doing… since even the smallest action can do so much to others. Unfortunately mostly negative. The acting from all participants of the cast is very solid. Especially mr pitt. I never liked him since he’s one of those hyped people. But he’s doing his job very well and believable.

a 8/10 rating from me.

Check it out… worth it!


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