I’m waiting more than 10 years now, for that special day. Today i’ll make my first flight on a space cruiser. My dad told me the ‘lost hope’ once was a mighty battleship, diving through space nebulas, transforming enemy ships into spacedust. Named after mankinds biggest space battle. The fleet got almost completely vanquished back then. Only a very tricky maneuver by a very smart battleship captain made us win that bloody and dark fight. He got honored with the position as captain for the ‘lost hope’. Back then this ship was the beauty of the fleet. The most modern ship ever built. I can’t wait to set my feet onto that proud ship…


This time i can’t say a lot. I actually started this one with the intention to create a speedpainting. But it evolved and i did not manage to leave my hands off of it. I quite like the result here. I maintained a concept arty like look to catch the dirty atmosphere of a futuristic space port a bit more. Basically digital painting with some photos used to bring in detail where it was needed.

30hrs – intuos3 – photoshop – 5000px wide – 300dpi

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  1. diana_saratov Says:

    Здорово. Мне нравится.

  2. Tigaer Says:

    glad you like it. thank you.

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