3D Art Direct – Live Webinar

3d art direct - Live webinar

Here we go! On Jan. 30th I’m invited to talk a bit about the creative process behind one of my personal favourites. Looking back at making “From Here I Can Almost See The Stars”, it probably belongs into my personal category of ‪benchmark‬ projects. A project where I wanted to push myself as well as the hardware I had back then. I finished this picture early 2012 and learned a lot with it. Diving back into the world of this piece is like ‪#‎timetravel‬ for me. And the cool thing I discovered is… not much has changed! I’m still using the same techniques. With slight variations here and there of course. grin emoticon

In this ‪‎webinar‬ we will take a look into ‪Vue‬ and how the scene is set up. We will also risk a look at how the scene was rendered. Let me just say that it took multiple runs before I had all material I needed. Last but not least we risk a look into the ‪Photoshop‬ process of how it all was put together.
Lots of stuff to talk about and questions are more than welcome!

Follow this link to sign up for the event.

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Hope to see your there!


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