Com-cept 22 ( ACC Contest Winner 2015)

Com-cept 22

Much like all the other pictures in my Com-cept series, this one was an experiment, with using some rather unusual techniques for my work. I wanted to try myself on something more rough looking while at the same time trying to bring a solid composition and a certain amount of detail. Most of my other work is detailed to the pixel due to heavy use of 3d rendered plates. Even though I used a 3d plate for the landscape here too, I wanted to focus more on efficiency instead of diving into too much detail. More painting than pixel perfect 3d. I wanted to try my luck with the contest I discovered rather late and had to rush a couple of things. So obviously there could have been done a little more refining. =) I never expected to win that contest… which shows me that I did at least some things right with this picture.

3000×1370 – Vue – Photoshop

Lars Sowig is a very talented digital artist with some really neat work. Feel invited to check his work here:


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